Industrial Product Testing

Industrial Product Testing Laboratory (further LIPI) of CMAC, is the successor of State Control Laboratory from Moldova (created in 1955). Actual name is assigned in 2002.

LIPI is accredited by National Accreditation Center from Republic of Moldova (MOLDAC) according to the requirements of SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2006 standard – see certificate of accreditation No. LI-093. The laboratory obtained the first accreditation in 2005.

The laboratory is competent to perform testing in electrical safety and functional verifications for electrical and electronic equipments of low tension, having as main objective security assurance for consumers of Republic of Moldova.

The priority of the laboratory is to ensure the needs of consumers, manufacturers, importers and exporters, regarding test performance for a wide range of products.

The types of tests and methods used by Industrial Product Testing Laboratory CMAC are mentioned in the certificates of accreditation, as follows:

Testing electrical safety and functional verifications for electrical and electronic equipments of low tension:
Checking safety class and marking
Checking the protection against accessibility to the tension parts
Measurement of power and current
Measurement of flowing current
Measurement of insulation resistance
Checking dielectric rigidity
Checking mechanical properties
Dimensional and constructive verifications
Checking protection earth connected circuit
Checking insulation distances in air, on surface and by insulation.
Testing of tension (Testing tension U≤ 10kV )
Measurement of conductor electric resistance. Electric resistance measured: (min.20 mΩ …max. 200Ω)
Measurement of insulation resistance. Testing tension (80…500)Vc.c. Insulation resistance measured: (50 Ω…1016Ω).
Measurement of electric capacity.
Technical verification and safety of slot machines and roulettes.

Categories of products that can be tested:

  • household appliances;
  • ensemble of low tension equipment;
  • medical devices;
  • control and auxiliary circuits of high tension equipment;
  • electric toys;
  • audio-video electronic equipment;
  • equipment for informational technology;
  • luminaire;
  • electric tools;
  • electric equipment for machines;
  • power transformers;
  • slot machines and roulettes used in games of chance;
  • electric lamps with filament, fluorescent, LED;

Service name: laboratory testing for industrial products, according to the scope of accreditation held.

Service request: the application regarding service providing, with product technical documentation (operating instruction, standard, technical specification) will be submitted at the reception office of the laboratory, by the applicant personally or by a legal representative.

Term of service providing depends on the category of products subjected to laboratory testing and methods used – up to 10 days.

Location: 28, Eugen Coca Street, Chisinau

Tel.: +373 22 218 508


Industrial Product Testing Laboratory
Silvia Garganciuc,
Head of laboratory

Tel.: +373 22 218 508